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We Believe Strategic Growth, Both Organic and Discontinuous, is Driven by Customer Value.

The Stokes Evans S-Star* approach is a step by step method to create a solid growth foundation based on customer intimacy and differentiated value. Most companies fail to leverage their existing customer relationships to generate and test new value propositions or to maximize the value actually delivered by current products and services. We help clients generate revenue and profit growth in a predictable, step-wise process easily captured in a strategic roadmap. Solid growth in existing and adjacent markets, improved margins through better price achievement, and a clear strategy all increase the value of firm and reduce the cost of capital for investment in new products, additional organic expansion, or the pursuit of acquisitions.

S Star



Key Elements of Successful Strategy Implementation


Business strategies fail when they are not fully understood or supported by the organization. Clearly linking strategy to the creation of differentiated customer value and communicating specific actions and outcomes in a strategic roadmap help all stakeholders understand and align to the strategy. Employees that believe in the customer value proposition and who know what performance is expected of them will be more productive, innovative, and collaborative.


A purely organic growth strategy that does not at least explore mergers and acquisitions may miss major opportunities. Likewise, a strategy that does not address opportunities and threats from a global perspective may be shortsighted. Stokes Evans can provide full lifecycle acquisition support and truly global business intelligence and business development support to ensure client strategies are complete and to accelerate implementation.


Customer Value Alignment

Strategic Road Mapping

Acquisition Strategy & Integration



Customer Value Alignment.


Sustainable competitive advantage may be generated by being the best at "giving the people what they want" - not what they say they want but what they really value. To really stay ahead of the competition, a company must invest learn from every interaction with customers, channels, and other interested parties and translate those learnings into better segmentation and stronger value propositions. Stokes Evans deploys simple tools to characterize markets and target segments, identify problems and priorities, and define the dimensions of value important to customers based on a variety of research techniques. The degree of focus placed on these customer value dimensions by competitors and the company may be plotted onto a "strategy canvas" to display the opportunities for differentiation and also where no differentiation is possible. Organizational, process, investment, and product priorities may be aligned to support the creation of differentiated value as defined BY THE CUSTOMER and to minimize focus and spending on activities not generating strategic value.


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Strategic Road Mapping.

Stokes Evans translates traditional strategy analyses and documentation into road maps depicting market, customer, process, people, financial, product, governance, and performance goals and activities over time. Linking revenue projections to customers and products is helpful. Taking the next step of making certain the right processes, investment, human resources, partners, channels, and controls are in place at the right time almost ensures success.


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Acquisition Strategy & Integration.



Acquisition Growth



Acq Strategy


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Global Influences Touch Every Business.

The world is becoming smaller every day and business leaders must be ready to assess the threats and opportunities created by globalization. Stokes Evans helps clients understand where they stand in the global economy and to develop appropriate growth, investment, sourcing, and channel strategies.


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Browse our Services:

Value Acceleration

All organization have unrealized performance potential hidden by inefficient processes, unclear strategy, and unnecessary complexity. We help identify and unlock value quickly while creating a sustainable enterprise. Our Value Acceleration services include:

  • - Enterprise Process Mgmt
  • - Value Proposition & Brand
  • - Blue Ocean Strategy
  • - Executive Value Dashboard
  • - New Ventures & Start Ups
Growth Strategy

An effective plan based on real customer value insight is the best foundation for sustainable growth. Stokes Evans helps clients identify, assess, and prioritize opportunities to deliver more customer value. Our Growth Strategy services include:

  • - Customer Value Alignment
  • - Strategic Road Mapping
  • - Globalization
  • - Acquisition Strategy & Integration
Executive Support

Stokes Evans provides hands on support to executives dealing with tough issues they typically face alone. We also help fill gaps on the executive team during times of transition. Our Executive Support services include:

  • - Executive Alignment
  • - High Consequence Desicions
  • - CEO / CIO Advisory
  • - Interim Management
Performance Breakthroughs

Incremental improvements and reactive adjustments in strategy are often just not enough to remain competitive or relevant. Bold moves into new areas and fundamental changes to processes and business model are often required. Stokes Evans helps identify and asses new, higher valued market positions - opening up expanded opportunities for both growth and differntiation. We also help develop strategies to free up scarce resources and pursue these opportunities. We help change the behaviors that drive great results with thoughtful implementation and sustainment support.

Our Performance Breakthrough services include:

  • - Blue Ocean Strategy
  • - LEAN Six Sigma
  • - Enterprise Process Mgmt
  • - Transformational Change
Market Intelligence

Good decisions require access to the best information. Stokes Evans invests the time and energy necessary to make certain we are asking the right questions and looking in the right places for answers to develop useful insights. Our Market Intelligence services include:

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Market Assessment & Entry
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Technology Road Mapping
Organizational Optimization

The performance of every organization is dependent upon the results driven by the behavior of its employees, partners, customers, and executives. Stokes Evans identifies and implements organizational, skill and competency, reward system, and measures necessary to create and sustain positive change.

Our Sustainable Change services include:

  • Change Leadership
  • People & Culture
  • Process Innovation
  • Metrics
  • Systems & Incentives
  • Continuous Improvement


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