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It Can Be Lonely at the Top.
Leaders are expected to have all of the answers while being isolated from many critical day to day aspects of the business. With few peers, they have too little opportunity to test their ideas or learn from colleagues. Ever growing demands on the time of the CEO and executive team make focusing on strategic issues difficult and implementation of strategy nearly impossible. Companies and Agencies often have the additional strain of inadequate skills across the executive team to tackle capital planning, human capital management, or other complex tasks.

Stokes Evans works directly with owners and executives to address sensitive issues requiring a balance of strategic discretion and organizational engagement. We can provide professional analysis and advisory services in addition to rolling up our sleeves and taking on complex tasks directly.


CEO / CIO Advisory and Support.

Chief Executives and other top leaders are facing more demands and challenges than ever:

  • - They have more work than they could possible ever finish
  • - Their customers and stakeholders are constantly demanding more of them and response times are becoming shorter and shorter
  • - They are uncertain about whom they can trust
  • - They are increasingly called on to perform turnaround miracles or implement radical change
  • - And their enterprises are looking to them for true leadership.

    Stoke Evans collaborates with senior leaders to establish a trusting relationship by explicitly aligning our objectives and compensation with the success of our executive partners. We look for opportunities to "jump in the boat" with clients and create shared success. We know what you are up against and are excited to share even the worst ap sects of being a senior leader.

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    Interim and Program Management.

    Transitions, impasses, and just plain evolution all take their toll on a management team. Stokes Evans can provide experienced executives to augment or replace your team for short to mid-term assignments. Call us to discuss your situation in the strictest of confidence.

    Stokes Evans also provides program and portfolio management capabilities to help make certain clients are getting desired results from major initiatives and help to ensure clients are "doing the right things right". Our approaches are based on best practices including the Program Management Institute PMBOK and Carnegie Mellon Capabilities Maturity Model. Our program management executives can help get your programs on track and also help align your portfolio to strategy and identify opportunities for both cost reduction and growth through innovation.

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  • Services


    Services WheelOur Services Revolve Around Creating Customer and Company Value.
    We find that many organizations have become inwardly focused and distant from their customers and customer needs over time. A clear understanding of customers and their changing expectations is the foundation for making good business decisions to drive revenues, margins, market share, relevance, and growth options.

    Our proven methods help to pull all elements of value and growth together into a holistic solution. Our Executive Support, Sustainable Improvement, and Business Intelligence services all provide specialized surge capacity to fill out short-term requirements during a transition or transaction.



    Browse our Services:

    Value Acceleration

    All organization have unrealized performance potential hidden by inefficient processes, unclear strategy, and unnecessary complexity. We help identify and unlock value quickly while creating a sustainable enterprise. Our Value Acceleration services include:

    • - Enterprise Process Mgmt
    • - Value Proposition & Brand
    • - Blue Ocean Strategy
    • - Executive Value Dashboard
    • - New Ventures & Start Ups
    Growth Strategy

    An effective plan based on real customer value insight is the best foundation for sustainable growth. Stokes Evans helps clients identify, assess, and prioritize opportunities to deliver more customer value. Our Growth Strategy services include:

    • - Customer Value Alignment
    • - Strategic Road Mapping
    • - Globalization
    • - Acquisition Strategy & Integration
    Executive Support

    Stokes Evans provides hands on support to executives dealing with tough issues they typically face alone. We also help fill gaps on the executive team during times of transition. Our Executive Support services include:

    • - Executive Alignment
    • - High Consequence Desicions
    • - CEO / CIO Advisory
    • - Interim Management
    Performance Breakthroughs

    Incremental improvements and reactive adjustments in strategy are often just not enough to remain competitive or relevant. Bold moves into new areas and fundamental changes to processes and business model are often required. Stokes Evans helps identify and asses new, higher valued market positions - opening up expanded opportunities for both growth and differntiation. We also help develop strategies to free up scarce resources and pursue these opportunities. We help change the behaviors that drive great results with thoughtful implementation and sustainment support.

    Our Performance Breakthrough services include:

    • - Blue Ocean Strategy
    • - LEAN Six Sigma
    • - Enterprise Process Mgmt
    • - Transformational Change
    Market Intelligence

    Good decisions require access to the best information. Stokes Evans invests the time and energy necessary to make certain we are asking the right questions and looking in the right places for answers to develop useful insights. Our Market Intelligence services include:

    • Voice of the Customer
    • Market Assessment & Entry
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Technology Road Mapping
    Organizational Optimization

    The performance of every organization is dependent upon the results driven by the behavior of its employees, partners, customers, and executives. Stokes Evans identifies and implements organizational, skill and competency, reward system, and measures necessary to create and sustain positive change.

    Our Sustainable Change services include:

    • Change Leadership
    • People & Culture
    • Process Innovation
    • Metrics
    • Systems & Incentives
    • Continuous Improvement


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